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Devon Rex Kittens For Sale

All Devon Rex Kittens:
*Kittens  get  a  Vet's  Health  certificate
*Fixed before leaving to their new home
*Registration Papers
*FeLV negative
*Shot Records
*Fecal exam
*Gift Kit

Please email for photos, info & Options! 
You are more then welcome to visit the Cattery!
The utmost care is taken in getting you the best kitten! 
Adoraelves also donates a portion of sales to Animal Shelters!
Adoraelves pet owners are enjoying their Devon Rex kittens Statewide!

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Devon Rex Cats curly coats
Are the most loving, adorable, playful cats, unique in the cat fancier's world. Their peerless appeal includes huge, beautiful eyes, short muzzle, prominent cheekbones, and huge, lowset ears create a characteristic elfin look. The Devon Rex is of medium fine frame and well covered with a beautiful soft, wavy fur. This Curly Coat is of a distinctive texture, as the mutation which causes this wavy coat is cultivated in no other breed. Newborn Devon Rex kittens are born with ears down and ears will go up as Devon Rex kitten gets older.
Many people who have Allergies can enjoy these wonderful kittens. The Devon Rex personality has been aptly described as a cross between a cat, a monkey. A very smart and playful breed, you can even teach them to fetch. The Devon Rex are very people-oriented and invite themselves along for every activity

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 Phone: 561-396-6290

Devon Rex Nursery

Devon Rex kittens New Litter Has  Arrived !!

Devon Rex
Devon Rex kitten for sale

Devon Rex Kitten Flame Point Girl

Devon Rex
Devon Rex kitten for sale

Devon Rex Black White Van Boy

Devon Rex
Devon Rex kitten for sale

Devon Rex Kitten White Point Girl

Devon Rex
Devon Rex kitten for sale

 Devon Rex Kitten Blue point  boy blue eyes

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Devon Rex Kittens are Hand Feed, Not Caged and Photos are updated weekly

Devon Rex Devon Rex Devon Rex Devon Rex Devon Rex Devon Rex Devon Rex Devon Rex Devon Rex Devon Rex Devon Rex Devon Rex Devon Rex Devon Rex Devon Rex Devon Rex Devon Rex Devon Rex