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Hairless Sphynx Kittens & Devon Rex Breeder - Cattery 

Testimonials  from  Kitten Owners

Many Veterinarians own & recommend  Sphynx & Devon Rex Kittens from Adoraelves Cattery

Highly Recommend Helen's kittens!!  I accompanied a friend to exam cattery and help pick out a new sphynx kitten.  I was so impressed with the Breeding and cattery- no cages the cats had run of the house great personalities very healthy and clean.   That both my friend and I brought home kittens.   The little guy I brought is damn cute, I can't believe the stuff he does! And I know cats please click link below showing you the large zoo cats that I work with.   

J Weege DVM photos/Image42216at500PM.jpg 

click here to play Dr Weege DVM video Adoraelves kitten owner

We love him sooooo much Every single person that meets him thinks that he is so amazing and that he is an unusually affectionate and personable cat!
His parents must be very sweet as weel!  Thank you for being so wonderful of a breeder and I feel so fortunate to have gotten Yoda from you!
He is literally the perfect cat! RR(Yoda) DVM
Getting along well with the big Kitty I think his name will be Knuckles Honored XO Brandon DVM 
Crazy about her (Lucy) She is great Thank you for allowing us to be her new home Dr J.Garcia DVM 
My wife and I adora our Devon rex kitten from Adoraelves Cattery Helen does a great job Dr. D. Chesew DVM
Thank you Helen Love my Devon Rex Boy Carmen Vasquez DVM Miami FL 
Absolutely! will send you pictures as he grows! And please feel free to use me as a referance, I couldn't be happier with our baby.
I was very nervous because I couldn't meet you.  But I decided to just take a chance!, and it was the best decision I ever made!!!
I definitely do not want to deal with any other breeder other then YOU!
Thanks Again Mellessa 
London is very excited when we told her about her new brother, you have been amazing and so appreciate your wonderful expertise and
professionalism in raising what are probably some of the finest Sphynx cats in the country, if not the World.  My Vet also agrees.
Can't wait for new baby to arrive! David
 My granddaughter stole my kitten they both love each other he adjusted well.  He is everything you said he was iPhone
 Hi Helen! 
We are enjoying our new kitty eminencely she is the greatest little kitty. Although my vet strongly advised me that the Spynx breed would not kid friendly, a good cat, or the companion that some claim it to be....he was more than wrong. My kitty takes baths with my two year old and plays gentle with her all day. She is a super addition and blessing to our home! I am glad that I chose not to listen to the bad advice and/or suggestions from my vet. Thanks so much for all the great information you provided to me and continue to provide. - Jana Cole, Florida

She is great. She loves her lazer light the best. We play every night. I know when she wants to play,
she'll come and sit by me and meow until I get the light. She is a blessing. I love her. I want to 
 getting her a sister or brother at the first of the year.
Dear Helen, I have a winner!!! Bela is the sweetest pet I have ever had. Whereever I am there she is.
She comes when I call her, she loves company and makes friends immediately. She likes to sleep
on top of me. She sits on my desk with me when I work. What a wonderful companion she has turned out
o be. I just wanted you to know how great she is andhow much I love her.
Hope all is well with you. best regards, Judy
My husband and I absolutely love her to pieces. All the research info about Sphynx
breeds being dog-like were right on target. With this being my first cat, I
expected her to pretty much keep to herself and be independent as that was
what I knew of cats. She has been completely the opposite. She runs to the
door and greets us, sits on us while watching tv and sleeps curled up in
my arms every night. She has yet to wonder off to be by herself. She is
absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend this breed to anyone,
especially those of us who were die hard dog lovers!!!!

Kerry Luff
Devereux Service Center Director
Hi Helen,

It's funny how I had all the time in the world to stalk you before I 
got Ganji but now it's been months and I can't find the time to email.
I was so worried about buying a kitten from anywhere (you included),
I've read so many horror stories... The first thing I did was take her
to a vet. Not only did she steal their hearts she got a perfect bill
of health, weight, size, responsiveness, muscle tone was exactly as it
should be. Thank you so much for the hard work and the new priceless
addition to our family. She settled right in and quickly claimed the
space as hers! We've bought her count less toys but her favorite is bottle caps. I couldn't be more grateful.
 Don't be surprised if we come looking for a brother for her soon :o) We couldn't be happier with her. Please feel free to use me as a reference: munkyslove
We are writing you to thank you for Beatrice because she is the sweetest, warmest little thing ever. She is so well behaved, has very little fear of our other cats and dog, and just follows us around all day! She nuzzles and kisses us in the morning and has even already learned to use the scratching post and not the furniture. Keep up whatever you are doing because you raised the smartest sweetest kitten either of us has ever seen!
Thanks again,
Gabi and Santino
Ps she loves the computer and is always on the keyboard.

Fantastic experience with Adoraelves Cattery! My Sphynx baby is now 5 years old and is still an amazing, friendly, HEALTHY cat. When I visited the cattery, I was surprised and pleased to find that all of her cats are treated like members of the family. They're not locked in some room to be used as breeders - no, they run around the house greeting guests and trying to get Helen to hold and cuddle with them. It was a very pleasant surprise and made me that much more sure that Adoraelves Cattery was an excellent establishment.

When I got my baby, I was very happy to realize how well-adjusted, personable, friendly, outgoing, and lovable she was. All of Helen's cats are socialized extremely well and fit in as family members immediately.

I would recommend this Cattery to anyone 110%! She was an extremely nice person and truly cares about her 'kids'(Nicole)
 "Gorgeous..... already have 4 of Adoraelves cats but wish I could have more...such beautiful kittens!"(Ian) 
Hey Helen! Just wanted to check in and say thank you again! Me and Lydia are so happy! I have never been so close to any animal! I love her so much she is truly the light of my life! I could never say thank you enough! I just wanted to send you some pictures so you can see your baby and let you know she is a huge ball of fun!!! I do not know exactly how you raise your babies but i can tell you this cat is so well tempered and so lovable! She gets along with my other babies but most important she is attatched to me at the hip literally i love it! We have been having some problems lately with her stealing things of mine and hiding them!!! I have been late to work over 3 times! because she takes my car keys and puts them under the blanket and then lays on top of them!! Its so cute! I also caught her taking all my eyes shadow and putting it in the toilet!!! AND all my socks went missing and i had to buy new ones.......i later found her dragging them behind the couch and when i looked she had a whole collection!! I am not sure why she does those things! But i think they are so adorable! I cannot say thank you enough Helen i love her so much!
With LOTS of love,
Hi Helen,
Thanks again for everything,
Kathy and I have taken the time to really check out a lot of kittens and a lot of different catteries. It was very important to us that we made good decisions regarding which breed to choose, which breeder to work with, and which individual kitten to buy. I think most Sphynx breeders are capable and very dedicated. Very few are in it for the money. However, we did run into a few situations that made us a bit weary and disappointed. After having a nice telephone conversation with each breeder who had kittens for sale, we would then drive long distances and arrive at some catteries only to find kittens that had way too much fuzz, or were cross-eyed, or had a different major physical flaw, or seemed a bit sickly. One breeder was not very friendly when we visited her cattery and just wanted to ask her some questions. One breeder would not even let us come to her cattery to meet the cat she had for sale. She said she was too busy with her everyday life to have visitors. She wanted us to buy her cat over the phone, sight unseen.Kathy and I really feel that you are the best and stand out amongst your fellow breeders. You are friendly, honest, and knowledgeable. You are a hard working person with wonderful quality Sphynx cats. Your "pet quality" kittens exceed most other breeder's "show quality" kittens. Your prices are fair and reasonable. Your cattery is neat and clean. The cats have a friendly, safe, and healthy environment in which to live and play. We learned a lot from you and appreciate your friendship. Thank you for doing such a quality, professional job and thank you for our two new wonderful Sphynx kittens, Myca and Mortimer(rkkraus)
Hi Helen!
I wanted you to know that Doppler (Devon Rex) and Pascal (Sphynx) are doing great. They are quite the comedy duo. They are growing like weeds, romping for 10 minutes and sleeping off the exhausting for 100 minutes. Their personalities are fantastic, they're exceptionally well behaved, and I adore watching them do their cuddling routine for bedtime. I'm so pleased with the boys. Be sure to add CA to your list of states with happy, healthy, affectionate Adoraelves gargoyles (kittens).-
I just thought you might get a kick out of hearing how my husband has just totally fallen for our little girl. She has adapted much more quickly than I thought she would. We had a minor setback with her litterbox, but I figured out it was just a little too far away from where we usually all hang out in the house, since it was moved closer, she has done great, no other accidents.
As soon as I sit down, she's up on my shoulder, making herself a little tent out of my hair. But the minute my husband comes home she runs around the house after him wanting his attention! Its totally hilarious! She's pretty quiet all day, (she's been playing with matchbox cars with my 3yr old), but as soon as the front door opens around 5pm and my husband walks in, oh man! She never stops chattering until he sits down and she gets to sit on his lap and get petted! He has never been around a kitten before, so this has been an unexpected awesome experience for him.
Thanks again for our sweet lil Fiona

Just wanted to give you an update and let you know our baby is doing fantastic.  She adjusted very quickly to her new home and she and our other Devon have fallen completely in love.  They are best friends, playing, cuddling and sleeping together.  She's eating well and mastered her new litter box in less than 24 hours. Thanks for providing such a great home and start to her life.  It shows in her character and social skills.  She greets all visitors as if it's her house and seems to love everyone and everything we do with her.  I'm sure I'll have some referrals in time for you as well.-(KendallDad1030)

Perrrrfect Devon Kitten, Thank you for all your help, (Krafts)

Caesar is giving us such incredible joy, he fascinates us, Can't wait for 2nd new baby-(iheunis)

My Wife loves her wedding gift, Thanks for making it easy during a very busy time. (Camaos)

Two Sphynxs are so loving & Sweet, (Andrews (MA)

Kitten is doing great, he is so irresistible, (Silverman's (NY)

 Si  is very happy and healthy He is absolutely the sweetest little kitten, (Kwagner (SC)

I can love a wonderful kitten, I have had no troubles with my allergies, (Wagner (AL)

Chia Pet is doing great, Everybody lovers her. What a doll baby!
One is not enough put me on list (Giermanin)

I thought I would take the tim to bring you up on shakespeare.  I had to give him to my daughter .  My husband died in may and I am completely dusabled with  parkinsonsJoan has a devon rex and they get along fine.  the time my husband was sick shakespeare knew it and never left his side.  the day he died Shakespeare cried all day long.  He is the nicest little cat I have ever seen and he brought      much pleasure to us;I see Shakespeare once a weekI am in a nursing home in Richmond Virginia. That is were my daugterlives. kitty clark (Khcx7@aol.com)
Hello Helen,
I just wanted to give you and update on Zora , yes my husband named her Zora! My husband has never loved an animal like he loves her its crazy those two are inseperable, until i get home from work. Now that its christmas she has been loving to jump at the christmas tree and knock the oraments off but their plastic so she's allowed. We are thinking of getting another kitten but im not ready yet plus Zora is stil new! The kids love her to death they have to give her a kiss on the head every day before school and every night before bed its so cute. I am glad i decided to buy her I cant thnak you enough she is such a blessing to have! Anyways i will update you as she grows and gets older.
Thanks Again,
Hi Everyone! Just to let you know "Mini Me" turned 1 Jan. 10th. Its
been a great year. "Mini Me" loves attention. He has no problem
jumping on some bodys shoulders. He's favorite game is fetch.If you are not
giving him your full attention he will steal socks money and even
heavy belts and bring them down the stairs. Often we are awoken by the sound
of the buckle going down the stairs.He is truly spoiled and
loved SO MUCH!!! My other cats love him also but my Devon has really grown
attached to him. Again, we thank you for such a wonderful
and loving boy. Will keep you updated.                                                                             
                    Sincerely, Jean & Gary Stevens-Florida, NY

Thankyou so much for your list of poisonous plants on your website. I have spent months and many vet visits and tests trying to find out why my Persian keeps throwing up and having diarrhea to no avail. I tried changing to iams sensitive stomach dry food and dozens of other foods with limited results. I even cooked for my furkids for a long time but still my Romeo was getting thinner and thinner. I had finally resolved to have him put down if no further improvement was noted in the next two weeks. From your list of poisonous plants I found Virginia creeper which is abundant in our yard. My furkids are house pets and Romeo is not allowed outside but he came from an animal shelter as a stray adult and he sneaks out the back door . He doesn't leave the yard but sometimes I cannot get him to come in for an hour or so. He has been seen eating grass so maybe he is tasting the Virginia creeper. I will get rid of all i can find of it. Thankyou again you may have saved my precious Romeo's life.
Sincerely, Barb Edwards Kentucky
 Hi this is Kriste, I purchased a sphynx kitten from you 6 years ago.  He is the cutes and most amazing ever in life!  We would like another male, are
any available if not when Thank you so Much

Hi Helen
Just and update on Mia
We went to the vet. yesterday and Mia and got a terrific report from the vet.
They think she is gorgeous in fact the workers there took the cellphones and took pictures with her. (with them lol)Helen...again Thank you we adore her !!!!
I did give some of your cards out....  :)
Only think is I wish bandette would come around!!! Terri Thank you!!!!
Thanks  Helen we just got home from Vets and Brody is a beautiful Healthy Kitten,  
it was very hard to trust a out of town breeder as we had such a bad exprience from a 
bad breeder with our last kitten 
Once again Thank you Angela  i pad
Hi Helen Jimi (the Devon Rex I brought from you serveral years ago) needs a brother let me know when a Sphynx is avail
 We love Jimi to death
carlos FL 
I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am with these kittens!! I went to take a shower this morning and found eight kitten toys in the bathtub! Last week, I found toys stuffed in all my shoes!  
Thank you! You told me that the male would be ‘special.’ So is the female, but Popeye is soooo special! He loves my 3 year old grandson!!! He is soooo tolerant that I cannot believe it! He just comes back for more abuse! They are total buddies. I have never seen a cat with such personality! 
Thank you!!! Thank you!

:). I absolutely am head over heels in love!  Wish I had discovered this breed when my children were young!

Happy Holidays!

Susan Emerson NJ
Hi Helen
I do know I adopted a beautiful, Healthy absolutely perfect kitten 4 years ago that I fell in love with immediately
from you and I want another. Thanks for everything! I can't wait to hear from you!
Denise  sent from my iPad 


Hi Helen:

I adopted my beloved “Grady” from you nearly 12 years ago, and he is doing great.  I just lost my other kitty, Casey, who was 20 years old.  Could you let me know when new Devon Rex kittens will be available. 

Thank you,   Deborah F 

Dearest Helen,

Just wanted to let you know that the kitten, known from this point on as "George Harrison" (we are big fans of the quiet Beatle) has arrived in his new home in New Jersey, safe and sound. HE IS SO FUN!  We had heard that all kittens were always shy and stressed but he jumped out of his travel cage almost immediately and began to play, used his litter box like a good boy, and then passed out on my lap, and then Jacob's shoulder for a good hour. He is currently giving Jacob some tips on kitten proofing some things that he missed. We absolutely adore this little guy and are so impressed with his intelligence already! He has spots too, like a leopard!!! And his mew is to die for. Thankyou for raising such an amazing kitten, Helen. You are outstanding. Yours sincerely, Aphrodite and Jacob

This is just a note to let you know we are crazy about Martin Bentley Griffin!  He is already spoiled rotten and has our two dogs on the run!!  He is so much fun to watch and love.  He takes naps with me and chews my toes....he is fitting in just fine.....even after missing his connecting flight in Atlanta!  We'll send more pics of him as he grows and as his color continues to change.  He is beautiful and I love his funny face.

Thanks for all the trouble you went to to get him to us,
Katie G
Hi Helen, Brody is doing just great a real fire cracker !, took over the place and made it his,
Grand children love him and so do we !
Thanks Angela 
Hi Helen
I've been meaning to send you some updated pictures of Asian and Lucy so you can see how beautifully they've
grown and happy they both are.  We moved to a new home and they have the back patio now to hang out in which is screened.
Rob has been saying he wants another little sister LOL.
Devons are like Potato Chips. You can't have only one!    Dins FL

Hi Helen
Just and update on Mia
We went to the vet. yesterday and Mia had a shot that she was due for and got a terrific report from the vet.
They think she is gorgeous in fact the workers there took the cellphones and took pictures with her. (with them lol)
Helen...again Thank you we adore her !!!!
I did give some of your cards out....  :)
Only think is I wish bandette would come around!!!
Thank you!!!!
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